The Rules

Welcome to♦[LUXE]♦. SL's newest members only social club. Member access only-Adult Environment catering to your senses and artistic side.   Perfect date night setting, meeting new people, socializing, events, private time. Great for photographers. Your new "spot" in SL. RP friendly-explore your fantasies.

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All events will be listed on our website:

A $500L one-time fee is charged upon joining the group. There are no refunds. If you are removed from the group due to breaking a rule, you will not get your money back and will have to pay again to re-join upon approval. All individuals that want to participate on the sim must have a membership.
When you pay your fee, you agree to all of the rules below:

1. ADULT activity happens here. We encourage you to explore your sexual and sensual sides.  Nudity is encouraged, however do not leave the LUXE parcel naked-the rest of the sim is business only and requires clothing.

2. RESPECT- do not assume anyone is there for your use.  Ask first, be polite, and respect others. We want you to meet, role-play, explore the fun things we have at the club for you, but no means no.  Anyone that is uncomfortable with an advance is welcome to report it to any of the managers below via note card and we will look into the matter further.

3. REZZING- you are welcome to rez pose balls for photo shoots for bloggers, writers, photographers etc., but be sure to pick up your items after you are finished using them.

4. No advertising or soliciting for paid sex. This is an exploration sim. If you chose to buy a membership for someone to bring them here to use it, that is your call, but no escorts using the sim to make money. SEX is welcome on the sim.  Please leave others alone so they may enjoy their experience. Be courteous in voice and chat and don't disturb others unless you and they want to join in.

5. ROLE PLAY- yes please! Enjoy the sim. Be sure you ask and establish rules with all involved. Do not bother others on the sim trying to enjoy it.

6. GRIEFING- you will never see the sim again if you decide to grief.

7. AGE- no one under the age of 18 is allowed, period. No child avatars.

8. VOICE- is on.  Be respectful and no harassing others.

9. CHAT- if you are enjoying a private moment, keep it private via IM.

10. If you are unsure, just ask.  Being pleasant and respectful of others usually fixes any problem before it may occur.

11. THEMED EVENTS- dressed in theme is required for the event. Up to interpretation of course, but have fun with it!

12. PHOTOGRAPHS-yes please! We welcome bloggers, but please give credit to [LUXE] in your posts.

See if you can find the entrances to our dungeon, after party & rubber room Many hidden gems around the sim.  Monthly events, concerts, and parties will be happening, check the group notices and website for updates.

Sim areas for use-everything!
Pool house
Outdoor dance area
Main house
RP City/Club
Rubber Room

Everything on the LUXE sim is free for you to use once you purchase membership. First come basis.

Any issues or problems may be reported to:
Allie Munro-owner
Skar Scorpio-owner
Serenity Quar-manager
Eversolesa Frostwych- manager